The Pros and Cons of Shopping With Coupons

For Alva James Johnson, it has been a struggle adjusting to the coupon way of life. She likes saving money herself, and always thought that penny saved is a penny earned.

But she could never get into the coupon thing, as it seemed like a lot of work to her and she felt that she would spend more money driving all over town for a good deal.

Her husband on the other hand, has been collecting coupons, among other activities such as running, spinning and golfing. He has also roped in their 14-year old daughter and both of them have started collecting coupons incessantly. They have even subscribed to internet sites for deals on national products. Besides, more and more businesses now give out promotional coupons and offers like buy-one-get-one-free or free shipping deals.

Now, instead of one paper being delivered at their home on Wednesday
and Sunday mornings, Johnson notices three papers piled up by their mailbox.

More importantly, she has to live without some essential products until they go on sale. One week, she has had to wait for paper towels, and another week without fabric softener. But luckily she said they found a buy-one-get-one offer for toilet paper before it was too late.

Although she gets tempted to throw away the stray coupons whenever her husband and daughter fall a little behind schedule, she just cannot do it. She has slowly begun to believe in the idea.

Johnson is proud to have gotten some good deals out of the coupons collection. She said, “One day, my husband came home with four jugs of Arm & Hammer laundry detergent for half the price. Another time, he got a three-for-one deal on olives, which I love.”

The couple has also been exploring a wider range of brands. Some of them questionable, but as they say some sacrifices are just worth the price. At the end of the day, she believes that this way of going about things will make a positive difference to their lives, as she admires her husband’s discipline and organization.

They recently started using coupons for their internet shopping as well. Now, almost all websites that have a shopping cart, give the choice to redeem a coupon. A short research on Google will show lots of discount coupons depending on the brand one looks for. There are also discount codes available for digital products like software, subscriptions and internet services.

“So if he wants to be the “Coupon King” of the universe, more power to him. I’ll just adapt to his whacky world,” she says.

Parallels Promo Codes

Parallels.com is the company behind the software which has unified Mac and Windows operational systems. As you know, there are programs, software and applications which have been created only for one of the other OS. It used to be impossible for a Mac user to run a Windows app and vice versa. Now, with parallels desktop, users can interchange between the two OSs in one single computer. All they have is to install this software in their Mac and then they can install also the Windows OS on the same device.

The most common and expensive software is the Parallels Desktop which comes with a $99 price tag; however, the company has put a coupon box at the check-out page of their website. If you look for a parallels promo code you will find a few deals available online.